"I Made $130.45 In Profit With My Test Funnel!"

Cash Funnels Machine really works! After setting up a test funnel I was really amazed by the results. I got 169 subscribers that resulted in $25.85 affiliate commissions on JVZoo, 47 euro selling my own product, plus 2 more sales for another 28 euro.

And the best part is I spent only $4.80 on advertising (other traffic i got from free posts on Facebook Groups and Google+ communities).

All in all I made: $135.25
Spent: $4.80
Profit: $130.45

And that was just from a quick one funnel setup! I can't wait to scale it up and try 15 other funnels.

Marc Sibille
Sydney, NSW, Australia

"36% Opt-In... Two Sales For My Own OTO..."

I bought solo traffic to send to my page, and ended up with 40 opt-ins (110 clicks - 36% opt-in). I also had two sales for my own OTO off of this solo to my cash funnels machine. I should make more off the back-end through my auto-responder sequence.

Looking forward to trying out a few of the other offers to see what seems to be working the best. This system is one of the easiest methods I have seen to get a funnel set up (even if you don't have any of your own products) and start making some money!

Minnesota, USA

From: Lucas Adamski
Subject: Personal Letter To Frustrated Internet Marketers

Dear Internet Marketer,

Surprisingly, these "2 magic words" can make you millions...

These "2 magic words" that you won't EVER hear Guru's talking about when selling their "new amazing product".

What are these words?


Sales funnel is a sales process that takes someone from just visiting your site, to becoming your raving customer.

In today's internet marketing world it may look like this:

Basically, the visitor comes to your squeeze page, opt ins to your list, and then gets redirected to a paid offer.

A good sales funnel has the ability to convert a very high percentage of visitors into subscribers. Very good sales funnel turns these subscribers into very green dollar money. And a whole lot of it.

It's absolutely essential for you to create highly optimized and converting sales funnels.

These 2 Secret Words Can Make You Millions Of Dollars!

It's actually how the gurus are making millions of dollars. One sales funnel could literally become your 5, 6 or even 7 figure business. No joke.

Still, most gurus prefer to sell you just another garbage "instant riches" software that does absolutely nothing. Why? Because they can pitch you another product next week. Their goal is to steal as much from you as possible in the shortest amount of time… Until… you realize the truth.

The most successful people online have their own highly optimized & converting sales funnels that make them money on complete autopilot.

I Spent The Last 6 Months Like A Mad Scientist Testing, Optimizing & Coming Up With Completely New
And Groundbreaking Funnels...

...And I discovered the hard way how DIFFICULT it is to create a proper sales funnels.

It was absolutely NUTS!

Not only did I spend the last 5 years meticulously analyzing every detail of the 6 and 7 figure product launches sales funnels. I also spent tens of thousands of dollars on internet marketing education.

I literally went through thousand of the most successful sales funnels, took notes and created swipe files just come back to realize...


How so? In these 6 months I tried to implement "the best strategies" I learned by being a spectator. I created my brand-new sales funnel that was so slick, so good; I thought it's going to make me millions!

And to tell you the honest truth... It totally flopped! My conversions were pretty bad, no one wanted to subscribe to my squeeze page, and my one-time offer sales were nearly 0.

That made me realize something VERY valuable... Theory and practice are 2 totally different things! You see, in marketing even if you "think" you've an expert in something... it's the real world that is going to TEST YOU. And in most cases you'll FAIL. That's life.

Only After Creating Plenty Of Full-Blown Sales Funnels Did I Realize How Freaking
It Is...

In order to create a proper sales funnel that actually makes you some good money, you'll need to:

Learn how to create websites (HTML, CSS)
Learn how to create graphics (Photoshop)
Learn how to write a sales copy (copywriting)
Learn how to optimize & split-test your funnels
Learn what your market really wants

That's just to start with... And if you want to outsource all of it, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars...

And then It came to me...

I Cracked The Code On How To Create Profit-Pulling Funnels That Literally Bring Me Instant PayPal Commissions On Complete Autopilot!

After carefully analyzing my "failed" sales funnel I discovered common elements that made my funnels "stinky"...

So I changed the whole approach and tried to do it differently. I came up with special "monetization modules" that turned my "failing funnels" into cash-pumping machines. I discovered the uncommon art & science of turning cold visitors into easy affiliate commissions (and mostly instant!).

"I Literally Spent Hundreds Of Hours, Put My Heart & Soul, Into Creating
16 Unique Funnels... "
"And The Results Were Just Scandalous"
In just 28 days I used these funnels to build a list of 1571 subscribers for 100% FREE! I was absolutely shocked by these results and I knew I was onto something! My conversions were through the roof!

As you know by now, getting to this point took me over 6 months of absolutely grueling & exhausting work that I wouldn't wish on even my worst enemy...

It was an absolute nightmare, and in all honesty, I don't want you to go through it yourself.

I know how hard it can be to start making money online.

In a world full of lies and deception (especially online), "magic push-button software", and fake actors how can you trust anyone?

Just few years back, I was in the same position as you are right now. I struggled, and struggled, and struggled... And nothing really worked. I wish someone could have told me truth.

I was the guy that tried to do it "all by himself". I never listened. I always wanted to do it my way. I believed there was no shortcut to success. I had to work hard. I had to KNOW IT ALL. And how did it work for me? Well, I was broke as always.

Until I Realized That Most Successful Internet Millionaires Are Using "Special Shortcuts" To Totally Crush The
Regular Guys...

You see: I learned the hard way that there is NO WAY under the sun I will learn it all. The technology is moving too fast. Internet marketing is changing every second. And I have just 24 hours in a day.

I saw my first success by investing in proven done-for-you solutions and website creation tools that made everything SO MUCH EASIER!

Now I could create sites 10 times faster that were optimized by real-deal marketers with years and years of experience. I could start making money 10 times faster than if I had done it all by myself.

I really loved this idea of a "done-for-you solution" and because it had such a tremendous impact on me back then, I want to give back.

Now, at this very moment, I want to help you start making real money online, the same way I did, the EASIER WAY.

WITHOUT setting up websites yourself
WITHOUT doing anything "technical"
WITHOUT spending money on a graphic designer
WITHOUT spending years learning the of science conversion & copywriting

What if I told you there is a way to...

"Start Generating Instant, Money-Making Funnels With A Point-To-Click, Revolutionary Software In The Next
60 Seconds…"
"WITHOUT Requiring You To Do Any Technical Stuff, No Coding, No Copywriting, No Graphics, No-BS!"


Let Me Show You How This New, Amazing Technology Can Create Money-Spilling Funnels In Under 60 Seconds:

This text will be replaced

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Here's A More In-Depth Video Showing All The New, Amazing Functionalities Of This Miracle Software:

This text will be replaced

As you've just experienced, Cash Funnels Machine is a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, automated software that allows you to create your very own funnel from 16 pre-loaded, ready-to-go, optimized funnels.

Experience The Ease Of Use & Freedom In Customization Inside:
It’s Fast, Easy And Simple, And COMPLETELY

It's quick, it's simple and it's NOT technical! Just simple point-and-click technology that makes it just stupid-simple!

Each funnel is not only fully set up for you, not only ready to build you a massive email list quickly, and not only made to convert extremely highly.

Additionally, if has "4 cash-torpedo modules", but more about that soon…

Here's what you'll find exactly in these ready-to-promote funnels:

Get Access To 16 Done-For-You Sales Funnels That Are Truly "Plug & Play"
Here's What You'll Get In Each Funnel:
6 Ready-To-Go, Hot Squeeze Pages
Each squeeze page was carefully designed to achieve the highest conversions. It contains world-class sales copy, top-quality graphics and so important call to action elements for an instant conversion boost. Start building a lucrative email list that will bring you affiliate commissions month after month. Having an email list is truly a push-profit dream come true. Any time you send email to your list – you get paid! You'll love it!
Hand-Selected Money Niche
Each funnel targets a different niche inside the internet marketing niche, like: amazon, kindle, pinterest and traffic generation. These are hand-selected niches that are proven to be money-makers with plenty of affiliate offers, high commercial intent and high demand. No more guessing, no more confusion. Relax for a moment because this part is DONE-FOR-YOU!
Optimized Redirect Page
Redirect page is a common missing point in most of the sales funnels. This is a page that appears just after someone opt ins to your list. It has a short message telling people to check their inbox for a free gift, and after few seconds, it redirects to a one-time offer. It's absolutely essential to track conversions that will improve your funnel profits.
Fully Monetized Thank You Page
Not only your thank you page will include the link to your free gift, but also it will be filled with pre-selected affiliate banners, secret free gifts and other profit-boosting tricks :). You'll be amazed once you start seeing daily "you've just made a sale" emails in your inbox by simply monetizing your thank you page!
4 Pre-Selected Affiliate Offers
Each cash funnel includes 4 hand-selected, tested affiliate offers (on JVZoo or Clickbank) that are proven to convert very high with astonishingly high EPCs (Earnings Per Click). These offers sell like hot cakes and will make you BIGGER affiliate commissions than you've ever dreamed of!
4 Beautiful Affiliate Banners
These are high-CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) banners that will guarantee that your new visitors will click them and make you easy affiliate commissions. These banners will be strategically places on your thank you page and your report to achieve a magical "click frenzy". As you see, everything is optimized here!
100% Unique Report or Video
Each funnel also contains a rebrandable report or video. It comes jam-packed with the hottest, most innovative tips & advice about the specific subject. Some funnels also contain unique videos with professional presentations that your new subscribers will fall in love with! Each report and video was created BY ME. It was not outsourced by someone in India who has no clue about internet marketing and is guaranteed top quality!

Here Are The Unique Reports & Videos You'll Receive Full Giveaway
Rights To:

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Here Are Some Examples Of The Full Cash Funnels:
List Building On Steroids
($497.00 Value)

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Graphics Package
($497.00 Value)

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Instant Kindle Profits
($497.00 Value)

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Fiverr On Crack
($497.00 Value)

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Create Amazing Looking
Squeeze Pages In A Snap!
Additionally, you'll be able to customize each squeeze page to make it fully unique to you! It's simple, it's fun and the possibilities are unlimited!

This video will show you how quickly you can create a totally different squeeze page with just a few clicks of the mouse!

This text will be replaced

Exposing My 50% Conversion Squeeze Page:
These squeeze pages do not only look great but also CONVERT LIKE CRAZY. Here are my results from the test campaign I did using one of the cash funnels.

This text will be replaced

Another case study!

This text will be replaced

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Here Are Some Squeeze
Page Variations:

Just click on the image to preview the squeeze page.

With your ready-made package, ALL of these funnels are done for you.

But that's not all!

Let me present to you "4 cash-torpedo modules" that will turn your new visitors into instant affiliate commissions and maximize each point of your funnel from potential "profit losses".

These 4 Cash-Torpedo Modules Will Turn Each Funnel Into A Cash-Pumping Machine, Working For You 24/7, Even While You Sleep!

After over 5 years of being in internet marketing, I identified many "profit loss" places that makes funnel not profitable. In these 16 brand-new funnels I implemented my best ideas, most lucrative approaches & cutting-edge technology to make you the most money possible from EACH visitor that will visit your site.

Here are 4 Cash-Torpedo Modules Available Exclusively Only In
Cash Funnels

Cash-Torpedo Module #1 - One Time Offer
Through multiple tests & experiments I came to the conclusion that in order to achieve the highest earning per click for each new subscriber, I'd need to present a "One Time Offer". This offer would be presented to a fresh subscriber just after opting in to my squeeze page. This is a proven sales funnel model to bring the higher ROI (Return Of Investment).

Each of the Cash Funnels will give you an ability to select "One Time Offer" as a redirect method. Additionally, to make your life even easier, each funnel will suggest to you 4 top-converting affiliate offers relevant to your squeeze page. That means that you won't need to look for these super hot offers. Just put your Clickbank/JVZoo id and it's all done for you!

You may ask: "But how will my new subscriber receive a free gift if he will get redirected right away to the OTO?"

Very good question my friend! :)

Here's the short diagram that explains it:

As you can see now, you new subscriber will receive a follow up email in your autoresponder where you can place a link to your thank you page.

This way you will monetize the subscriber right away, make nice affiliate commissions, and still provide value! JACKPOT!

Cash-Torpedo Module #2 - Free Gift Monetization
Each of your funnels will include a report, or a video, or a graphic package that you can give away for free. It's a perfect free bribe for your brand new subscribers to shock them with insane value! But giving away a free gift won't make you any money, will it?

Well, actually, I carefully designed each free gift to contain at least 4 affiliate banners. These unique banners will result in a flood of super-targeted clicks pointing directly to YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS. It means some % of your new subscribers will buy your recommended products and make you easy money!

It's worth mentioning that brand-new subscribers are THE BEST prospects to be pitch to. Why? Because they just opted in and presented an interest in whatever you have to offer. Your job is to present them with what they are already looking for! And you'll get rewarded generously!

Yes, it's THAT SIMPLE if you have a PROVEN SYSTEM that turns your fresh subscribers into cold hard cash!

Sample banners in a report:

Cash-Torpedo Module #3 - Thank You Monetization
Most marketers do it ALL WRONG! A thank you page is absolutely one of the BEST places to promote different affiliate offers. Just placing your link to a free gift there is not enough! You'd lose BIG commissions!

So what do I suggest? Bring in PLENTY of proven to convert affiliate offers using slick, "click frenzy" banners. Yes, PLENTY of them. Why? Because each person is looking for a DIFFERENT offer. You want to have a big variety.

Another point is RELEVANCE of your offers. You won't make as much money as you could if you present a generic make money offer to someone looking to make money from Kindle Publishing. But imagine if we offered this unique software that would eliminate all the pain & agony of formatting Kindle ebooks. Your new subscriber would experience a pure ecstacy after seeing this offer!

Additionally, if you sell your own product/PLR/membership site, give a special DISCOUNT. Offering a discount will make much more people jump to your offer. Especially because they just subscribed to your list. And yes, Cash Funnels Machine allows you to add a special discount link on your thank you page to explode your profits once again! :)
Cash-Torpedo Module #4 - Affiliate Offers
The truth is that 95% of affiliate offers you're going to promote will NOT make you a DIME. Why? Because they simply DON'T CONVERT.

Now you may ask: "So which affiliate offers do convert?".

There are many factors that determine a good converting offer. One of them is EPC (Earnings Per Click). EPC means the average profit you'll make from each click you'll send. So for $2.12 EPC, if you send 100 clicks, you make $212. For $0.23 EPC offer you'd make $23, and so on.

Another important factor is the actual sales copy. Things like social proof and price points have a huge impact on conversions. The copy is the king and if you can't distinguish between a world-class copy and an amateurish copy, you're in trouble! Don't get fooled with fancy sales letters. If the offer doesn't fulfill the deepest desire for a specific target market, no amount of sales copy will make it convert.

As you can see now, selecting a high-converting affiliate offer can be a great challenge. That's how most affiliate marketers FAIL BIG TIME...

Fortunately, with Cash Funnels Machine, I took time to handpick over 60 red-hot, top-converting affiliate offers that are RAZOR RELEVANT to the squeeze page niche. Each funnel is filled with 4 pre-selected affiliate offers from JVZoo or Clickbank. I made sure that the offers are active, the commissions are generous & most importantly they are CONVERTING LIKE CRAZY!

Just plug in your affiliate id and start raking in MASSIVE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS without doing ANY work!

Listen: just these 4 modules will make the conversion part taken care of. No more worries about "converting your traffic". It's now the past. Forget about it. It's done-for-you.

Here's Why You Absolutely, Positively Need Cash
Funnels Machine:
New "Point-And-Click" Technology – creating your new cash funnels is as simple as clicking your mouse a few times. It's so simple that you won't even need to read the documentation!
16 Done-For-You, Automated Sales Funnels – you'll be able to choose from 16 ready-to-go funnels in various niches, like: traffic generation, amazon kindle, pinterest, list building and other internet marketing niches. Each funnel will contain a unique squeeze page, a redirect page, PLR rights to the unique, content-filled report/video, pre-selected affiliates offers, banners and much more!
Integrated With All Popular Autoresponders - you will be able to build a massive, profit-pulling list that will bring you easy affiliate commissions every single month. Cash Funnels Machine integrates with the most common autoresponders, like: Aweber, Getresponse, Icontact, Imnicamail & Infusionsoft. But no worries! It works with any other autoresponder too.
Quickly & Easily Personalize Your Cash Funnel – customizing your sales funnel is just dead simple! Using a simple 8-step process you can change things like: background color, logo, border, thank you page text, add your signature, picture, name, add your own offers to the thank you page, change affiliate banners, add own tracking codes, change SEO meta tags and so on! You're free to make it your very own funnel that will be 100% unique!
Easily Create Unlimited Squeeze Pages Variations – Each cash funnel comes with 6 beautiful squeeze page templates. These are proven & tested pages to bring you the highest conversions possible. You'll be able to customize each template freely by changing the background image, box color, border style and color, headline text, button text and much more!
Add Your Own Banners With Drag & Drop Technology – Cash Funnels Machine will allow you to add your own custom banners & offers and move their position with dead-simple drag & drop technology.
Time-Saving Basic Pages Generator – don't you hate creating all these "legal pages" every time you create a new site? Well, now it's done-for-you! Automatically! Pages like privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimer and contact us will be instantly generated with your contact details without you even needing to change it!
Flexible Campaign Options – Do you want to duplicate one of your campaigns to do split testing? Do you want to edit some of your previous campaigns? How about downloading them in a ZIP file? You're ALL covered! Using Cash Funnels Machine is not only simple, but also extremely convenient and hassle-free. You'll absolutely love to use this miracle software! Just try it once and you'll be hooked for life!
Viral Traffic PDF Rebranding – What about generating uncontrollable, viral traffic to your site with no effort on your part? It's all-possible with a new, cutting-edge PDF rebranding technology. Now, without any additional plugin, or expensive software, Cash Funnels Machine will create for you a unique report with your name & your affiliate links in it. All done in the background. You won't even need to open a Microsoft Word! Again, it's DONE-FOR-YOU!
Simple-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Video Training – I'll be honest with you. You won't need much of it. Still, in these quick, over-the-shoulder videos you'll learn all the amazing functionalities of this software. It's short, it's fun & in about 20 minutes you'll be ready to start launching your first cash funnel! How exciting!

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That's truly amazing, isn't it?

But, that's not all!

If You Claim Your Copy Of Cash Funnels Machine TODAY, I'd Like To Throw In Some Rare Gifts To Help You Make
Money Even FASTER!
14-Day Traffic Mastery
Amazing, step-by-step, in-depth training how to generate traffic to your newly-created sales funnels.

Traffic + Cash Funnels Machine = Money

It's that simple! And I've got you covered! Each day you'll get exposed to a brand-new traffic generation strategy with a proven & tested action plan. Just follow it and you'll see 100+ visitors coming to your site daily very soon!

The 1 little "traffic explosion" strategy, if applied 30 minutes a day, could bring you 10-20 fresh leads daily for 100% free!
How to exploit the power of ______ for a steady stream of red-hot visitors starving to buy the product you're promoting!
Discover 1 secret tactic how to bring as much traffic as humanly possible hands-free, with no work on your part! Interested?
Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!
Confidential Case Study
I'll give you a tour "behind the curtain" how I'm able to generate up to 492 leads a day... and how I break it down to the EXACT science...
I'll show you my best converting "bribe page" that got me 151 subscribers in days for FREE and couple of "evil psychological tricks" I use to get unbelievable conversions...
How I use the magic page to bring me steady, residual money every month... even while I sleep!
Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!
3 Hot Video Squeeze Pages
Get access to these 3 gorgeous video squeeze pages that can be used for ANY niche!
Video squeeze pages tend to convert better than regular squeeze pages. Unleash the incredible conversion rates overnight!
The pack comes with a complete video training how to edit each template, integrate aweber autoresponder, and add a YouTube video. It's as simple as click-and-play!
Total Value: $97.00 - Yours Free!
Undercover List Domination Tactic
How To Build A List Of 1,000 Brand-New
Subscribers In 30 Days Or Less For FREE
Discover a stealth strategy how anyone (even a complete newbie) can build a list of 1,000 brand spanking new subscribers with no connections, no money to invest, no experience, and almost no time required!
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I guess, you may ask yourself now, how much would this fully done-for-you, turnkey business cost to you?

I want to assure you that it's nowhere near its REAL price that would be way over…


It's not even…


Before I reveal to you a "special price announcement" that might make some people very angry… I want to show you first how much time & money you'd be able to save by investing smartly in Cash Funnels Machine.

Forget About Wasting Your Valuable Time On These Masochistic &
Hair-Pulling Activities:
Find A Profitable Niche [30 minutes]
(YOU: where to even start??)
Research 4 Top-Converting Affiliate Products [20 minutes]
(YOU: how the hell do I know these products will even convert??)
Create An HTML Squeeze Page With Proper CSS & Web Standards [1 hour]
(YOU: what's HTML?? And CSS??)
Write 10-20 Page Valuable Report [2 hours]
(YOU: where do I find the content?? I'm new, where do I start?? I don't like writing!!! GRRR!!)
Write Highly-Persuasive, Market-Related Sales Copy
[20 minutes]
(YOU: what should be my headline?? how about bullet points?? what my market really wants??)
Create High-Quality Graphics For Your Squeeze Page
[30 minutes]
(YOU: I'm not a graphic designer??)
Create High-Quality Ecover Graphics [20 minutes]
(YOU: I'm not a graphic designer??)
Create 4 High-CTR Affiliate Banners [20 minutes]
(YOU: oh no, graphics again??)
Create Your Thank You Page With Proven Profit-Pulling Modules [30 minutes]
(YOU: what are these profit-pulling modules??)
Create A Redirect Page, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page, Terms Of Use Page, Contact Page [30 minutes]
(YOU: Ok, I'm done!!! Where the hell is the add to cart button??)
Test If Everything Works Well [30 minutes]
(YOU: No, please help!!!)

As you can see, it takes over 6 hours of pure pain & agony to set up 1 little funnel that you don't even know will convert well!

In most cases you would need to create 4 or 5 sales funnels to hit one that's actually going to make you any money!

That's 6 Hours And 50 Minutes Of Pure Frustration Trying To Do It All Yourself…
(If You Know What You're Doing!)

But I know your time is valuable. So what if you went on to outsource all these 11 tasks, what would be the ballpark cost? Let's break it down.

Find A Profitable Niche
Research 4 Top-Converting Affiliate Products
Create An HTML Squeeze Page With Proper CSS & Web Standards
Write 10-20 Page Valuable Report
Write Highly-Persuasive, Market-Related Sales Copy
Create High-Quality Graphics For Your Squeeze Page
Create High-Quality Ecover Graphics
Create 4 High-CTR Affiliate Banners
Create Your Thank You Page With Proven Profit-Pulling Modules
Create A Redirect Page, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page, Terms Of Use Page, Contact Page
Test If Everything Works Well
Total Cost

Total Cost For Just 1 Cash Funnel = $530.00!

That means that if you'd be up for creating these 16 full-blown funnels, you'd need to be prepared to pay:

For A Done-For-You Solution!

It's not even including the wasted time and energy looking for the right freelancer, and the time delay to get everything done… It could take months!

I know you're smarter than that and you wouldn't pay such outrageous prices. You know you can get a better deal.

And yes, that is true.

I hope you can see now what an immense value Cash Funnels Machine brings.

You Won't Only Save $530.00 For
Each Funnel You'll Create...
You Won't Only Save 6 Hours And
50 Minutes For Doing It Yourself


You'll Be Able To Create These Instant Cash-Spilling Funnels In Minutes… With Perfect Ease…
Done-For-You Peace Of Mind…
ZERO Frustration…
…And Be Fully Confident That Each Funnel Was Tested, Optimized & Perfectly Monetized With 4 Secret "Cash-Torpedo Modules" For
Maximum Profitability

So You Don't Have To Do It Yourself!

Cash Funnels Machine is just a perfect turnkey solution for smart marketers that value their time and use the newest technology to make money FASTER.

I know that you're eager to jump in and experience the full power of this revolutionary software.

Yet, before I reveal to you my "special announcement", I want to absolutely blow you with value. So here are additional fast-action bonuses that may disappear at any time!

256 Ultra-Premium Marketing Graphics Toolkit
Enjoy this premium package with my best marketing graphic & templates. This is a must-have package that is a true time-saver and money-saver! These 5-star graphics will make you stand out from the crowd, demand respect and result in insane conversion rates.
Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!
Live Webinar Training Exposing Advanced
Funnel Monetization Tactics
How would you like me to teach you LIVE, over-my-shoulder, how to get even more profits out of your cash funnels? You'll have an ability to ask me personal questions and interact with other like-minded individuals. It's going to be a blast!
Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!
365 Days Free Email Support
Our friendly support is always here to help you with any questions. Issues with the software? Can't make it work? You have full 365 days (and beyond!) to get help. We promise that you'll never be left alone and we'll do our absolutely best to keep you satisfied!
Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!
Free Lifetime Updates
No monthly payments, no recurring, no fine-print. You pay only one-time and receive future updates of Cash Funnels Machine for absolutely free!
Total Value: $47.00 - Yours Free!

Wow! Let's sum it up together.

Here's What You'll Get EXACTLY:
What You'll Receive...
Cash Funnels Machine Point-And-Click Software
16 Done-For-You Cash Funnels
Free Gift #1 - 14-Day Traffic Mastery
Free Gift #2 – Confidential Case Study
Free Gift #3 – 3 Hot Video Squeeze Pages
Free Gift #4 – Undercover List Domination Tactic
Fast-Action Bonus #1 – 256 Ultra-Premium Marketing Graphics Toolkit
Fast-Action Bonus #2 – Live Webinar Training
Fast-Action Bonus #3 – 365 Days Free Email Support
Fast-Action Bonus #4 – Free Lifetime Updates
Total Value Today

That Brings A Total "Actual" Value Of

Yet you won't need to pay it!

Not Even

Or Even

Listen: before I'm going to reveal my final price, let me share with you my "special price announcement" I was mentioning before.

I think it would be fair for you to know the reason I'm about to give you an…


Hey, my name is Lucas Adamski and I'm a 24 year old internet entrepreneur from Poland. I was always fascinated about making money online. Since 13 year old I researched this topic. I joined chain letters, sent $5 to strangers, joined MLM programs and used autosurf programs. I did it all. Just few years ago a got a bit more serious.

I was "trying" to make it happen for the first 3 years with no results to show up. My parents started to lose hope. No one believed in me. I was lost. Very deeply.

I wanted I way back. Inside these gold doors to internet riches. I wanted this golden key that would make all my dreams come true. During my path I made couple of unique distinctions and discovered underlying problems that were sabotaging my success.

I felt a duty to share them with you in this letter and I hope they came up sincerely as I intented.

I truly believe that making money online is one of the COOLEST, and BEST way for making a living. The TIME FREEDOM, MONEY FREEDOM, PLACE FREEDOM & LIFE FREEDOM this business brought me is just priceless.

I perfected the art & science of creating sales funnels that brought me...

Over 40,000 subscriber list, tens of thousands of dollars from affiliate commissions and a $5,000-$10,000 monthly income.

Now, most of my business is almost completely AUTOMATED, thanks to the proven cash funnels I'm using.

Actually just using these cash funnels you're about to receive in a moment, I generated 1,571 of subscribers in
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I seriously believe you
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I want you to succeed EVEN if your finances are not that great.

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Yet, I don't want you to stop it because you don't have the finances to make it happen. I don't want you to stop dreaming because of this one little thing.

I made a mission to change people's life in 2013. I made a mission to myself to share my success with other people and help AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN this year to become successful online.

Without empty promises, without charging them $10,000 for a generic coaching program and without being a "rich jerk".

With 40,000+ email list resulting from my cash funnels that generates me consistently a healthy profit every month, I can tell you, life is good.

I can also tell you that ANYONE can achieve this level of success no matter where they are in their life. Even if you're dead-broke, homeless, or living in a dump. Even if you tried making money online for the past 5 years with no results. And even if you don't believe that YOU can do it.

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Now, Cash Funnels Machine comes in 2 versions: Single Site License & Unlimited Site License. Single Site License will allow you to create unlimited amount of funnels only on 1 domain and Unlimited Site License will allow you to create unlimited amount of funnels on as many domains as you wish.

If you really want to make some killer money with these cash funnels, I strongly suggest you to go ALL IN with an Unlimited Site License.

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I know you may be skeptical. That's smart. There are so many scams online that you've got to be careful. So let's make it an easy decision, OK?

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If you don't make at least 1 sale by following the 14-Day Traffic Mastery course with your new Cash Funnel in the first 2 weeks, I'll refund all your money back!

If it takes you more than 30 minutes to create your very first cash funnel using the miracle software, I'll refund all your money back!

If you find at least 4 glitches in the software, issues, errors, or anything that was overlooked, I'll refund all your money back!

But that's not all!

If for any reason, in the next 60 days, you don't like Cash Funnels Machines… maybe 16 done-for-your funnels is not enough for you, maybe you don't like the top-notch reports I've written, or maybe you just don't like the way the icons look in your control panel! I don't care what's the reason!

Just send a support ticket to (yes, that's a real support desk) and I'll refund every penny you've invested.

And you can keep all your gifts & bonuses free of charge!

I want to make this investment in your freedom totally risk-free. I don't like this fine-print, BS marketing where you never know what you're getting and what's the deal.

This guarantee is straight forward. You have 60 days to try the software. That's enough time to make 100x or even 1000x of your investment back. EASILY!

Really, if you don't make at least 10x of your investment back in the next 60 days, just send me an email to, and I'll personally help you, 1on1, to fix the problem, and make you extremely profitable. GUARANTEED!

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Lucas Adamski

And Here's What Our Raving
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"This Is NOT Another B.S. Product!"

I am so amazed by Cash Funnels Machine and to tell you, this is NOT another B.S. product!

I was blown away to see my dashboard loaded with everything I need to build a funnel complete of professionally designed graphics. And everything is done-for-you! Even a complete NEWBIE can use this software. It's totally amazing!

And with a price of only $47, it is a complete steal! I will absolutely add this software to my marketing arsenal because it will literally save me so much time. Highly recommended!

Glen Dahilan

"That Is A No Brainer..."
One word for Lucas's Cash Funnel Machine AWESOME. It took me weeks or even months to create such converting funnel. With this CFM software you can make a killer and profitable funnel in just minutes.

If you're looking for a good converting and yet profitable Funnel, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CFM. That is a no brainer with such price you're paying for!

Joni Leung

"I'm Still Amazed At How Easy It Is To Set These Cash Machines Up..."

Lucas has been one of my go-to-guys in the past when it comes to building out funnels that absolutely crush the competition. Having Cash Funnels Machine is as close as you can get to having him right there beside you helping you create a fully functioning business that only needs traffic to you make you money.

It's really more than just a business because you get 16 funnels completely done for you and each one of them is monetized with already proven and tested products that WILL sell... you really can't get more value than this in one package especially if you're interested in cashing in on the hugely lucrative IM niche.

I know what it takes to do all this work from scratch and I'm still amazed at how easy it is to set these cash machines up... I'm also amazed at the price you're getting all of this for.

Jump on Lucas' offer ASAP because it's like skipping ahead by a year or two without the headache of figuring all of this stuff out on your own. Not to mention the cost of hiring this out... great job Lucas.

Drew Trainor

"ANYONE Can Do This, Newbies Included..."

I wish I had this product when I first started out in Internet Marketing! So many times I have looked at offers that claim to have a Done For You Funnel, and then when I see what you need to do to get the funnel set up, it is so complicated! This is different because I was able to set up the funnel, walk through the steps, and be ready for website visitors in a very short time.

You do need a website, and an ability to follow directions. Familiarity with C-panel (if you don't know what that is you can still do this!) is helpful, and there is a tutorial to help you. I was able to get it set up without asking for support.

This is about as easy as it can get. The Software takes you through setting up your site, your funnel, and gives you options to set it up the way you want by clicking a few buttons. ANYONE can do this, newbies included.

There are many options in the Cash Funnels Machine for what you will offer on your squeeze page, and then follow up monetization. Even going through the funnel options and seeing how they are packaged together was helpful to me in thinking through funnel designs. But that is the best part about this software, I didn't have to think too much, it really lays everything out for you.

If you have been wanting to build a list, start making affiliate income, or add on a new internet marketing skill to what you already are doing, then pick this up now. You won't be disappointed with how this is put together. Now all I need is to drive some traffic!

Minnesota, USA

I Was Utterly Impressed By The Level Of Detail..."

I was utterly impressed by the level of detail that's put in cash funnel machines.

At first I thought it to be just another squeeze page builder but there's so much more meat inside! It's incorporated all the major autoresponders and if you use one that's more avant garde, they've got that covered too because you can simply enter the form details.

The only thing that might put people off is the initial database setup. They've got that covered too in an easy to follow video that guides you through step by step.

Lucas has really thought of everything here since he included some of the top converting offers on sites such as jvzoo to help you start earning immediately.

Thanks again for the review copy Lucas! Will start building my CFMs asap

Alvin Lim

"Now There's No Excuse..."

In less than 15 minutes, I had a complete sales funnel - including squeeze page and thank you page, with multiple streams of income! Now there's no excuse... ANYONE can start creating their own list from scratch... TODAY!

Adam Holland
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

It’s Fast, Easy And Simple, And TOTALLY Hands-Free! Secure Your Miracle Software NOW In 3 Easy Steps!

Step #1 – Claim Your Copy NOW

Select which license option you're interested in. Click "Add To Cart" button and put your payment information on our highly secured checkout page. During the checkout process you'll be presented with couple of optional upgrades. After that, you'll get instantly redirected to the download page.

Step #2 – Download Your Cash Funnels Machine

On the download page, you'll receive your personal license key, and links to download your software & all the gifts and bonuses. Just download everything on your computer.

Step #3 – Install & Create Your Cash Funnel In 60 Seconds!

Just upload all the files to your server (video training is included how to do it). Then follow the simple, step-by-step instructions how to install the software. In just 5 minutes you'll be able to login and create your first cash funnel. Now you're ready to make some serious money!

I'm very glad you're here. What you're about to experience will blow your mind. It's nothing you've ever experience before. It's nothing you've ever dreamed about. It's unique. And you've got to see it…

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Cash Funnels Machine Point-And-Click Software$5,000.00
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Cash Funnels Machine - Unlimited Site License

Cash Funnels Machine Standard
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YES Lucas! I'm so eager to start pumping these instant money-making funnels, start building a highly lucrative email list & getting these juicy, fat affiliate commissions! I'm ready to roll!!!

Cash Funnels Machine Point-And-Click Software$5,000.00
Can be installed on 1 domain name – can create unlimited amount of funnels
16 Done-For-You Cash Funnels$8,640.00
FREE GIFT #1 – 14-Day Traffic Mastery – $97.00
FREE GIFT #2 – Confidential Case Study – $97.00
FREE GIFT #3 – 3 Hot Video Squeeze Pages – $97.00
FREE GIFT #4 – Undercover List Domination Tactic – $47.00
Fast-Action Bonus #1 – 256 Marketing Graphics Toolkit – $47.00
Fast-Action Bonus #2 – Live Webinar Training $47.00
Fast-Action Bonus #3 – 365 Days Free Email Support – $47.00
Fast-Action Bonus #4 – Free Lifetime Updates – $47.00

Regular Price $197.00   Today Only $39.99

Cash Funnels Machine - Single Site License

To Your Success,

Lucas Adamski

P.S. This special outrageous discount may expire at ANY time!
Make sure to claim your copy before this date. I can't guarantee when I'll be releasing this product again and for what price. Most likely the price will double or even triple so NOW is the time to take action! Claim your copy NOW!

P.P.S. Listen: These proven done-for-you funnels are real money-makers. It takes less then 60 seconds to create your very first funnel, with no coding and no technical non-sense. Just simple click-and-play. If you get stuck at any point, take advantage of out friendly support and super-simple video training. I've got you covered and you'll never be left alone! Claim your copy NOW!

P.P.P.S. Do you really want to spend up to $530.00 for each new sales funnel? Is it really worth your time & money to do it all yourself? Or do you want to do it the SMARTER WAY, the EASIER WAY? Let me help you start making money NOW, no tomorrow, no next week, no next month. With Cash Funnels Machine you'll get the results FASTER, and QUICKER, than anywhere else!

"The Software Will Save You Time, Money, And The Headache..."

Here is my review of Cash Funnels System. Lucas was kind enough to give me a review copy of his software and after watching the demo video I was extremely excited to put the software into action.

Well after about 15 minutes of playing around with the software, I had created an awesome squeeze page, re-direct page, and a thank you page. And all this was created without me having to write any sales copy or do any design work. I did not have to pay someone an arm and a leg to write my sales copy or to do my graphics for my pages.

I did not have to even have my own product. All this is provided to you by Lucas and his Cash Funnels System software. This is extremely powerful stuff here! This software is designed for all those aspiring Internet Marketers out there who wish to build a list but do not have the technical savvy to do so themselves.

This software will save you time, money, and the headache of putting together a profitable sales funnel. I recommend this to all newbies and all experienced Internet Marketers. Everyone will find so much value with this software .. and it is priced to sell, so take advantage!

Stephen Adams
Central Valley, California, USA

"You'd Be Stupid Not To Invest In Cash Funnels Machine..."

Michael Cook
Pineville, West Virginia, USA

"Cash Funnels Machine Absolutely Rocks!"

Wow! Cash Funnels Machine absolutely rocks!

I'm not a big affiliate marketer simply because I didn't want to put all the time in to creating the funnels for products I didn't own... but Cash Funnels Machine has changed all of this.

This is the quickest, simplest way to create a funnel that I've ever seen. And these funnels look awesome! The training video is very detailed and yet, less than 15 minutes long. You can easily be up and running the same day you buy this. Even a newbie can do this.

I did receive a review copy of this but I would've gladly purchased this product. Thanks Lucas for a great sales funnel generator!

Betsy Modglin
Honeysuckle Blossom Productions

I bet you still have some questions. I've got you covered again! ;) Here're some of the most common questions and answers:

What Are The Requirements For This Software?

It's web based. You'll need hosting and a domain name. Any hosting would do, even a shared Baby hosting on Hostgator for $3.95/month. But no worries, you'll find video trainings that will show you how to get a hosting account and a domain name, in 10 minutes FLAT. Just follow what I'm doing!

I Never Made Any Money Online, Would It Work For Me?

Absolutely! This product was specifically designed for new people that want to start making money online without technical struggles & expertise. Cash Funnels Machine can work for a newbie and for a more advanced marketer.

Will It Work On Mac?

Yes, it's a web-based software that is installed on your server. It works on Mac & Windows.

What Are The Hosting Requirements?

Any regular hosting that has PHP & MYSQL would work. There are no special requirements.

Why The Price Is So Low?

The reasons are explained in the black box. To keep it short, I'm looking to help as many people as I can this year. Because I don't want ANYONE not to try this miracle technology because of his or her finances, I decided to drastically drop the price, so anyone can afford it. This software is easily worth $2,000.00+ yet I don't want to follow the "gurus steps", but help regular guy like you and me to finally make it online.

What Autoresponders Can You Use?

The software is integrated with Aweber, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Imnicamail and Icontact. Yet, it will still work with ANY other autoresponder because we implemented a "custom" feature. I can guarantee you that it will work for your autoresponder.

What About Traffic? How Will I Actually Make Money?

Good question! And I've got you covered too! :) I designed an exclusive "14-Day Traffic Mastery" course just for Cash Funnels Machine customers that will walk you through 14 free & paid traffic generation strategies. They will help you bring hundreds and thousands of brand-new visitors, convert them into new subscribers, and finally into juicy affiliate commissions! Inside the course I'll explain exactly what page to promote, how to promote, where to promote, how often to promote, and more. It's all laid out to you in easy-to-follow, actionable A-B-C plan that even a 13-year-old could follow. Believe me, it's THAT simple.

I'm A Bit Overwhelmed...

That's fine. Let me sum it up for you. One of the main struggles that BLOCKS people from making money online are: an inability to create a proper website & an inability to convert your visitors into money. Yet creating a money-making sales funnel requires website development and conversion skills & knowledge that could take years to acquire (or tens of thousands of dollars to outsource).

Cash Funnels Machine solves this problem. With over 5 years of internet marketing experience, making tens of thousands of dollars online and building a 40,000 email subscriber list, I learned a thing or two about SALES FUNNELS. I came up with this product to help regular guys like you and me that want to start making money the EASIER WAY & the FASTER WAY. Without all this non-sense about PHP, HTML, JAVA & sales page copywriting.

Cash Funnels Machine is a complete plug-and-play system that will help you to create profit-pulling cash funnels in PROVEN NICHES. Each cash funnel has a top-converting squeeze page, redirect page, thank you page and a free gift that you receive giveaway rights to. What makes these cash funnels different than any other are 4 "cash torpedo modules" that basically turn these funnels into COLD HARD CASH. They turn your thank you page into a siphon of BIG affiliate commissions. They turn your free report into MONEY.

And what's even better? Making these funnels is extremely simple! It takes literally 60 seconds to set up your first cash funnel that will be integrated to your autoresponder, that will have a free report or a video branded under your name, and will have plenty of promo banners scattered everywhere with YOUR affiliate links! Now your only job is to drive some steady traffic to your funnel and count the checks! And yes, I also provide a detailed, step-by-step, traffic generation course that will teach you EXACTLY how to generate a hoard of money-making traffic!

How Different Are You From Other Solutions, Like OptimizePress?

Cash Funnels Machine is a done-for-you solution. All these 16 sales funnels are already ready-to-go and the software just helps you to customize them and integrate to your tools. Optimizepress allows more flexibility in what you want to have on the site. But that means you have to build each page from SCRATCH. You have to come up with a squeeze page graphics, squeeze page sales copy, free gift, redirect page, thank you page graphics, and so on, and so on...

Cash Funnels Machine makes it SIMPLER. Each funnel already has a highly converting squeeze page with a world-class copy. You don't have to change it. You won't need to change your thank you page either, because it's optimized for you too. All you've got to do is to do some tweaks and changes to make each funnel your own. That's what the software is for so you don't have to mess with the website code!

Cash Funnels Machine is a SIMPLER solution that will get you FASTER results.

"It's Simple To Use, Saves Massive Amount Of Time..."

One of the challenges with delivering products on the web is the amount of time and training it takes to both create products as well as the sales funnel pages to support those products. I was given the opportunity to review an new product by Lucas Adamski called "Cash Funnels Machine".

Cash Funnels Machine is easy to install if you can unzip and upload files to your host. It does require some initial host settings and the creation of a database which is not hard, but may require help from the users hosting company if they don't know how to do it themselves. Even at that, the installation is seamless and simple. The software integrates with all the popular autoresponders as well as payment systems.

Cash Funnels Machine is a fantastic solution for the first time as well as the advanced marketer. It's simple to use, saves massive amounts of time and comes with tested sales funnel pages.

I would recommend this product to all Internet Marketers wanting to create a number of sales funnels in a hurry. I also plan to use it in my business.

Glenn Cozzens
Lakefront Research LLC
Danville, New Hampshire, USA

"I Completely Loved Cash Funnels Machine"

Thanks for providing me the review copy. I have used Cash Funnels Machine and here is my detailed review :).

First Look
Instead of uploading it to my website via cpanel I have tried running it completely on my localhost [WAMP server] and was successful. I was able to create excellent funnels [on my localhost] and the the best thing about Cash Funnels Machine is that it allowed me to download the created funnel.

User Interface & Functionality
The User Interface is well organized with the functionality being executed in a step by step manner. The complete funnel is an 8 step process which is very simple to execute. In short the functionality works in the following manner:

1. Provide all the basic details about you and your company along with your photo, signature and tracking code.
2. You need to select the type of funnel you want to create from the displayed list.
3. You need to customize the header settings, meta and logo details so that they are displayed accordingly on your funnel.
4. It's time to configure the Autoresponder code, Thank You page and also an OTO.
5. Squeeze page customization allows you to freely change the page and you can also set the Opt In box from the pre designed templates.
6. Footer Notes allows you to customize all the footer information.
7. Thank You page which lets you add the product details.
8. Final step which provides you the Follow Up Mail and the list of all the pages which were created. In case of any modifications required, you can select the required page and if everything is good you can launch it :)

Cash Funnels Machine was running on my WAMP and it never slowed my system. I also haven't seen any delay while creating and navigating to the next set of pages on my screen.

- Easy platform to create great funnels
- All the funnels are customizable
- 16 Excellent Template Designs
- Intergrates with Awber/GetResponse/Icontact/Imnicamail/Infusionsoft/Others
- Integrates with Clickbank and JVZoo affiliate id
- Great Squeeze page templates and also a library of Opt In boxes

- Nothing sort of other than huge file but it gets ruled out because of the availability of several core modules in Cash Funnels Machine

I completely loved Cash Funnels Machine because of its amazing ability to create sales funnels in a very short time which take several hundreds of dollars when outsourced. Not to forget that even a newbie can easily use Cash Funnels Machine to create excellent converting funnels.

Venkat Phanindra Kumar
Hyderabad, India

"Cash Funnels Machine Has Just Made My Life A Whole
Lot Easier"

So if you have spent anytime on the net you will know that you need to be building a list. So how do you do that. Well you need an offer or a bribe too get those subscribers onto your list. So you have too go and find a product or create one that you hope will convert. You then need too create a squeeze page, thank you page, download page what about your legal pages.

What about a OTO, or a proper sales funnel you start realising that there is a whole list of things to do and you end up giving up at the first hurdle nobody tells you about all the technical difficulties you can get your self in.

Well Cash Funnels Machines has just made my life a whole lot easier. I am a heavy user of Optimize Press 1.0 & 2.0 and other wordpress themes. They are excellent products but come with their problems and extensive learning to set things up smoothly.

So I was pleasantly surprised with how the process went with Cash Funnels Machines. The most time is spent on downloading the files and then uploading them to your domain/server but this is just once.

Once you are inside the main dashboard it is a simple 8 step process and fill in the blanks. There are 16 free products to choose from so potentially you can have 16 different funnels set up. You can easily customize each funnel to have OTO and also recommended products on your thank you and download pages which are all created via the Cash Funnels Machine software. No need for coding, HTML or be a wizz at designing it all comes together once you have followed the steps.

Fill in your affiliate details and get approved to promote any of the products inside Cash Funnels Machine and you are ready too take commissions on all your recommendations inside your funnels. This is simple to use and also quick. You can have your funnel set up with in the hour. All you need to do is send traffic to your squeeze page. So not only will you be building a list but getting affiliate commissions as you have a proper funnel set up.

So if you want to build fast, simple funnels that will make you affiliate commissions and build you a list then you can not really go wrong with investing your money into Cash Funnels Machine.

Craig Sowerby
Appleby, Cumbria, United Kingdom

"One Of The Most
Spectacular Ideas"

Cash Funnels Machine is one of the most spectacular ideas I've seen being implemented online. It is a boon for internet marketing newbies and veterans alike. The ease of use and the 8 click process to produce amazing CASH Generation funnels is just out of this world. I usually never give out testimonials but this deserves a huge shout out because it is just that awesome.

If you're lazy and want to get amazing looking, CASH GENERATING funnels, All setup within seconds - YOU NEED THIS!

Prashant Sharma
New Delphi, India